Teen Murti, a film based on a story/script/music composed by late Shri Tapan Sinha who  could not shoot  the film himself due to his  deteriorating  health.    

Tapan Sinhas films attracted me ever since my childhood and I take delight to say that in my career of film-making he is a major influence.  In each of my film I have also  tried to address relevant social issues. May be this too, is an influence of Tapan Sinha.His technique of film-making, particularly his narrative style I have tried to adopt in many of my films. 

Teen Murti  is a story of  three old men who after the retirement collaborate to live the rest of the life meaningfully. How these old men enterprisingly overcome the  resistance and obstacles in achieving their goal is truly inspiring. In the long run it so happens that instead of being a burden, they become a source of inspiration  and motivation for the younger generation of the society. The theme and content of  Teen Murti address the same category of  social issues like of which I dealt in my earlier films such as Atmio Swajan and Debipakshya